Hello Welcome to this page was created with the aim of able to help you with reliable information about breast cancer.

At present there are a variety of information regarding breast cancer, their statistics, their studies and their treatments, all this tends to confuse people because it really when a person is diagnosed with cancer is very impressive in your life and your family, and rather than confuse people we help in these moments of crisis in his life.

That’s why we have this site, we hope you can find information that can really be helpful in your way in the fight against cancer and we can give you the guidance you really need.

The first point I would like to mention in this brief welcome is that if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer is to have faith and encouragement, many people have overcome this stage in their life and I’m sure many people make it and is I wish you or your family are part of these people.

The second point I want to mention is one of the key steps against breast cancer, personally I could see how people who know how cancer is cancer that may have symptoms and consequences, what are the causes internal, external and hereditary cancer predisposition are better to deal with this disease, and that when people fail to understand this is easier to understand them because they make the treatment and the benefits it presents to your body and at the same time avoid anything that can grow or strengthen disease.

I know that many people look very hard to understand something as complete as it is this disease, but that you understand the basics will be enough to understand the generality of this disease.

This is one of the main objectives of this site, you failed to understand as much as possible about breast cancer, and that manages to be oriented to make the best decisions about their health benefits.

For people who are looking for information on prevention also will be very useful all this information, and understand that the above aspects of this disease are in a better position to prevent the disease.

Personally, I am dedicated to natural medicine as we have had very good response, giving quality of life for people as they achieve their recovery, in many cases we have treated people with only natural medicine and in other cases as a complement to conventional treatments, obtaining very good results.

Whether you want to treat you with natural medicine or conventional medicine is important that you get to a responsible health professional, experienced and with whom you feel safe in their hands. If you want a combined treatment should be clarified before the 2 health professionals, in some cases refused on both sides, but if you get a true professional with an open mind and are updated with the studios will have no problem.

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Dany Leon.